Legendary / Titan / Class Item / Titan Mark

I wish to be feared.

Source: Last Wish raid.

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Mark of the Great Hunt
Added in Season 4

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Mark of the Great Hunt

I wish to be feared.

Mara stared at the Wall of Wishes. She had no more bargains to make. Her plans were in motion.

There was nothing left but the wait.

She pulled a sidearm from a hidden holster and cracked a dozen rounds into the Wall.

The cosmic balance shifted. Somewhere in the Dreaming City, Riven heard the Queen's wish and a thousand shrieking tears in reality cut through the space in front of her.

Lord Shaxx suddenly blocked Mara's view of the Wall.

"—YES, AND WE'D ALL BE DEAD!" He was screaming at no one, with a mug of caffeine in his fist.

He started, almost spilling his coffee. "Where are we?"

Mara slapped the mug out of his hand. It shattered on the floor. She shoved a weathered book in his face. "I told you there would come a time when I collect for the Reef Wars. Read this. Out loud."

"No one tells me what to do," he said, grabbing the book and incinerating it in a bolt of Striker lightning. "I can recite The Tempest by heart." And he did. Mara sat and listened. They stayed for a long time.

The helmet stayed on.

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