Legendary / Warlock / Class Item / Warlock Bond

Defeat Bosses

Source: Solstice 2018

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Solstice Bond (Resplendent)

Clarity of purpose is a moment that comes but once.

It wasn't fair.

Marlenx-3 hated to think in those terms, but that was the truth. She was deep in the Inverted Spire looking for Cabal security, and there was only one reason. Some Guardian—who had allegedly gotten their Light back—was trying to make it through this place to find whatever it housed. She was just here to help clear it out, along with several other Guardians who weren't so blessed.

If she bought it now, there was no coming back.

She ducked into a stairwell and whipped around. Nothing. "Got an empty stairwell here," she said into her headset.

Marlenx ran up the steps and pushed through the next door. Swept left, then right. A corridor stretched in both directions.

Footsteps down below. She shut the door behind her and went down the left hallway, toward the closest door. As her hand touched the doorknob, she heard a sound behind her.

Gun at the ready, she spun around. A door had opened down the hall, and another Guardian was staggering through. No weapon. Wounded.

In that moment, everything became clear. This was why she was here. She held up her hand. Stay there.

She hurried back into the stairwell and shot off the handle, then turned to face the coming sound.

Fair had nothing to do with it.

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