Legendary / Quest Step

Go see Nimbus.

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Let's Go

Part of Quest "Lightfall"

1. Lightfall

Go see Osiris in the Hall of Heroes.

2. Lightfall

Go see Rohan in the Hall of Heroes.

3. Lightfall

Complete the "Under Siege" mission.

4. Lightfall

Go see Nimbus.

5. Lightfall

Complete the "Downfall" mission.

6. Lightfall

Go see Osiris in the Hall of Heroes.

7. Lightfall

Go see Nimbus.

8. Lightfall

Complete the "Breakneck" mission.

9. Lightfall

Go see Nimbus.

10. Lightfall

Complete the "On the Verge" mission.

11. Lightfall

Complete the "No Time Left" mission.

12. Lightfall

Go see Nimbus.

13. Lightfall

Complete the "HyperNet Current" strike.

14. Lightfall

Go see Nimbus.

15. Lightfall

Complete the "Headlong" mission.

16. Lightfall

Complete the "Desperate Measures" mission.

17. Lightfall

Go see Zavala in the Tower.

18. Lightfall

Go see Ikora in the Tower.

19. Lightfall

Go to the Hall of Heroes and meditate to receive your Strand subclass.

20. Lightfall

You have made a breakthrough in your journey of mastering Strand. Strand subclasses are now available to equip at any time. You can also purchase an Aspect from the Pouka Pond in the Hall of Heroes on Neptune.

21. Lightfall

Go see Nimbus.
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