Exotic / Quest Step

Approach Strider's memorial to repair it.

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Let's Go

Part of Quest "Strider"

1. Strider

Visit the archivist.

2. Strider

Spend keys on a Terminal Overload Key Chest in each of the three different areas of Neomuna.

3. Strider

Defeat Shadow Legion forces in Neomuna to find location data, and dive into the Ahimsa Park Lost Sector for a data cipher to put the data together.

4. Strider

The archivist wants to discuss your findings.

5. Strider

Approach Strider's memorial to repair it.

6. Strider

Destroy the Hydras and shut down the confluxes at Maya's Retreat.

7. Strider

The archivist has a reward for you.
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