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I wish to be immovable.


Greaves of the Great Hunt

I wish to be immovable.

So the Dreaming City would have a Wall, too. Leona Bryl stared up at rows of blank, circular plates with dread.

This one was more valuable than everything behind the Wall of the Last City.

And not nearly as defensible.

The Tower has asked for help in its Great Hunt. If the Vanguard knew that the help the Queen rendered came at the behest of the Ahamkara, armies of Guardians would storm the Reef. So they will never know.

The Guardians brought this on themselves. The bargains they made, and the power and knowledge they gained was equivalent to the chaos wrought on this system by whispers. The Queen was glad to help them clean the mess if it meant Riven would be the last living Ahamkara. Power is useful. Unique power more so.

Leona wasn't sure if she was as glad as the Queen.

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