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"Watch for the red dragon. Here's a hint: It'll be ahead of you." —Ariadne Gris

Source: Bright Engrams


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Dinas Emrys

"Watch for the red dragon. Here's a hint: it'll be ahead of you." —Ariadne Gris

Consensus Meeting 3234.43
Zavala: “Guardian Ariadne Gris. Have you had contact with an Ahamkara?”
Ariadne Gris: “No!”
New Monarchy: “Then why does your Sparrow bear a dragon logo?”
AG: “Because dragons are cool.”
NM: “If Ms. Gris won't take this seriously—”
Cayde-6: “Play nice, Ari. Hideo's knickers are real tight today.”
AG: “I thought a dragon'd look cool on my Sparrow. Not all dragons are Ahamkaras!”
Z: “Ikora? Your perspective?”
Ikora Rey: “I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Are we really still talking about this?”
Dead Orbit: *muffled laughter*
IR: “Obviously Gris has not had contact with an Ahamkara.”
FWC: “How do you know?”
IR: “If she had, she'd win SRL more often.”
C6: *whistle*
AG: “Harsh, Rey.”
Z: “Then let the record show: the Consensus's official stance on the Dinas Emrys dragon symbol is: cool.”

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