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Legendary / Warlock / Class Item / Warlock Bond

I wish to be respected.


Bond of the Great Hunt

I wish to be respected.

I am [Riven]. And I am pleased.

The [Techeun] believe that with my heart in tow I will remain imprisoned.

But my [bargain] with them is fulfilled. And they will pay.

This [City] will pay.

But what about you? Brother-slayer. Spawn-killer. [Child of light]. What will you do now that we are bonded for all your lives?

I gave you everything you wanted in that moment. Everything you needed. You complete your [raid]. And you are rewarded for your efforts.

Did you exhibit a violent display in the aftermath? I wonder. Some of you do. Everyone wants more than they have. A key element of all [bargains].

You are afflicted by tedious repetition.

It is my turn to benefit.

Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win.

O murderer mine.

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