Basic / Hunter / Hunter Subclass

From a whisper to a roar, be the calm and the storm.





Silence and Squall

Silence and Squall

Summon two Stasis kamas, Silence and Squall, that you throw one after another. Silence : Creates a flash-freeze blast that freezes and damages targets. Squall : Creates a Stasis Storm that slows and damages targets caught inside.



A Fallen Captain stalks his prey through the barrens of Europa, Servitor at his back. The wind kicks up shimmering plumes of frost; he doesn't see the frozen kama hurtling towards him. It strikes with a deafening crack; the Servitor is gone. The Captain flees for cover, but it's too late — he is frozen in a crystalline prison.

His battle cry freezes in his throat; there is only deafening silence. He sees a shadow approaching, cloaked in the ice and whirling snow, but it vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Fear grips him as he scans the white wastes.

A second kama pierces the ice shelf. Biting whirlwinds erupt and tear at his frozen body. He catches a glimpse of the shadow in the squall, rifle in hand. The hunt has ended; he shatters in the wind.

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