Lightfall: Crafting Recipes (Patterns)

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And they came to a lake fair and broad. "Lo," said the voice, "yonder is the blade that I spoke of."
For soldiers of the eternal war.
Rufus's Fury
"For every round, a whisper. For every shell, a scream." —Rufus, Acolyte of Nezarec
Who doesn't like to spin a good yarn?
Iterative Loop
An antique from Neomuna's founding, given new life.
Royal Executioner
"I get dirty so my queen doesn't have to. Sometimes it's a sacrifice… but most times, I enjoy it." —Petra Venj
Dimensional Hypotrochoid
"What is this junk from, that old moon base? What do you mean, 'just refurbish it'?!" —Exodus Indigo Quartermaster
Koraxis's Distress
"I cannot sleep. His gaze… it lingers at every corner of my mind." —Koraxis, Acolyte of Nezarec
Heed counsel.
Prodigal Return
Pain persists in memory.
"No one is hatched a Kell." —Mithrax
Round Robin
Standard-issue weapon provided for Golden Age extraplanetary expeditions, retrofitted to combat Vex.
Briar's Contempt
"You will never be rid of him." —Briar, Acolyte of Nezarec
Phyllotactic Spiral
"'Commissioned by Aeronautics of China'… if it's lasted this long, it'll last you a bit longer." —Quinn Laghari
Nessa's Oblation
"His influence doesn't end at his Fourth Tomb. I will find the rest… by any means necessary." —Nessa, Acolyte of Nezarec
Mykel's Reverence
"Pain… Fear… Sacrifice… Feed the fiend." —Mykel, Leader of the Acolytes of Nezarec
Volta Bracket
The thousandth trigger pull is as smooth as the first.
All it takes is a little trust.
Acasia's Dejection
Do not believe their lies. Run.