Season of Plunder: Crafting Recipes (Patterns)

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Ammit AR2
Dying edge dual-chamber stabilization matrix technology makes this the most balanced Auto Rifle that Omolon has ever produced...
Midha's Reckoning
"I see now that everything dies. Even… even memory." —Midha, Consort of Stars
Zaouli's Bane
"Go, child! Run! Don't look back! Don't—"
Sailspy Pitchglass
There are shapes on the horizon not yet meant to be seen.
My will dissolves those who oppose it.
Planck's Stride
"You may speak as freely as your willingness to take punishment." —Pirate Lord Arask
Qullim's Terminus
"If only… if only we had heeded the queen…"
Smite of Merain
"No tomb but the battlefield! No legacy but the scars we etch upon our foes!"
Doom of Chelchis
"Where is the Great Machine? Where is the Great Machine?" —Chelchis, Kell of Stone
Tarnished Mettle
Survival is the better part of valor.
No Reprieve
Sometimes mercy is worse.
Brigand's Law
A glutton for punishment.
Defiance of Yasmin
"Shields up! Protect the queen! Brace for impact! Save the queen…" —Paladin Yasmin Eld
Blood Feud
Thicker than water.