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The Wizened Rebuke
Forged in honor of Skorri, of lessons learned and lessons taught.
The Hero's Burden
Forged in honor of Saladin, of all that has been lost and all that remains.
Iron Engram
An engram humming with wild energy.
A Cryptarch can decode this into a powerful Legendary weapon or...
Forging Iron
Complete Iron Banner matches while wearing at least one piece of Iron Banner armor. Each additional ...
Part of Quest "Forging Iron"
Forging Iron
Speak to Lord Saladin at the Tower.
Part of Quest "Forging Iron"
Forging Iron
Complete a match in Iron Banner.
Part of Quest "Forging Iron"
Forging Iron
Complete a daily challenge.
Part of Quest "Forging Iron"
Forging Iron
Earn Iron Banner Rank points.
Part of Quest "Forging Iron"
Forging Iron
Collect an Iron Banner engram from Lord Saladin.
Part of Quest "Forging Iron"
Iron Lapis
Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.
Iron Core