New Exotics in Season of the Haunted

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Sunny Vacation Shell
For Ghosts who want shade and style.
Sweet Sprinkles Shell
For Ghosts who want to float away with something sweet.
A vessel to bear spores among the stars.
Final Instar
Tuned a dozen times and more to achieve the perfect form.
Hushed Syrinx
"I'm glad you're staying."
Mandate of Strength
"Might makes right."
Platinum Osprey
Cuts through water and vacuum with the same panache.
Retrofitted Roadster
The spoiler makes it go faster, even in a vacuum.
Shining Cabriolet
Maybe don't fly it with the top down.
Swift Persistence
Still flying true.
Tymbal Lucidae
I've retraced my steps a hundred times searching for a memory.
Wings of the Firebird
Bright beauty follows in the wake of these wings.
Some spores plant themselves deeper than the surface.
Crab Cycle
Multiple field trials have proven the efficiency and power of the carcinized form.
Falcon's Chase
"A shadow of a man. A glimpse of a dream."
Hot Rod Havoc
The fastest ride around. Flames guaranteed to remain paint only.
Hyperborean Pinion
Soar together, under an eternal sun.
Kindled Wanderer
No limit to the distance, nor to the flame.
Open-Sky Tourer
Sure, you could put a cover on it, but why would you?
Pale Steed
"It's the thrill of the chase."
Faster than any competition-eligible cart.
Seafoam Glide
Optimized for aquatic traversals.
"The dead do not often speak. But I always listen."
Wartorn Peregrine
Surface damage can't stop you.