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Ancient Apocalypse Helm
"Maybe you leave your first apocalypse. But your second one never leaves you." —The Drifter
Crushing Helm (CODA)
A forceful skull: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Helm of the Emperor's Champion
Looking for a quiet place to watch the end of the world.
Helm of the Exile
"Don't you find it strange that the one called the Speaker rarely has anything useful to say?" —Sayi...
Helm of the Great Hunt
I wish to be strategic.
Holdfast Helm
"I've seen enough battles at these walls. I had hoped to never see another. That hope is stretched t...
Insight Unyielding Helm
When your enemies behold your power, let them know fear. Turn your gaze to them and let them know de...
Iron Fellowship Helm
"Remember why we fight." —Lord Saladin
Mask of Nohr
"I'm a Valus before I'm a 'Shadow.' But Calus is the empire's last, best hope. His plan is my plan."...
Mask of Rull
“My planet was dead. The sky poisoned by war with an extrasolar enemy in a war that continued to rag...
Moonfang-X7 Helm
"Daddy Daito locked this old soul up in the warehouse when margins got too tight. I'm just here to l...
Shadow's Helm
"The mysteries of the universe lie before you. Unresolved. Threatening. You and I will face them tog...
Solstice Helm (Magnificent)
Complete a Nightfall strike on Master difficulty.
Solstice Helm (Majestic)
Complete Gambit matches, collect Elemental Orbs using a matching [Arc] / [Solar] / [Void] subclass, ...
Terra Concord Helm
"The shining halls of peace have been torn down and turned into the battered plate of war."
Turris Shade Helm
"You have truly grown fat from strength. Magnificent." —Calus, Emperor of the Cabal
Vigil of Heroes
"Logic says we must accept it. Emotion says we will never truly accept it." —Ikora Rey
Wing Discipline
"Don't think about it as improving yourself. Think about it as improving each other." —Lord Shaxx
Ancient Apocalypse Gauntlets
"Sometimes the difference between survival and eradication is just pure, simple stubbornness." —The ...
Crushing Guard (CODA)
A forceful limb: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Gauntlets of Nohr
"Do I miss my arm? I miss my empire. I would give everything to have it back. And I will." —Valus No...
Gauntlets of Rull
“Calus had won. But he took nothing from us. Instead he gave us everything we needed to end our perp...
Gauntlets of the Emperor's Champion
I will be the last light to go out at the party.
Gauntlets of the Exile
"Strengthen the body, empower the mind." —Parables of the Allspring
Gauntlets of the Great Hunt
I wish to be indestructible.
Holdfast Gauntlets
"Stone by stone, I built this wall with my hands. I'll defend it the same way."—Lord Shaxx
Insight Unyielding Gauntlets
Are you the immovable force, or the unstoppable object?
Iron Fellowship Gauntlets
"Some friendships, even death itself cannot sunder." —Lord Saladin
Moonfang-X7 Gauntlets
Shadow's Gauntlets
"With my knowledge of the future and all that you've seen and done… The victories borne of it… What ...
Solstice Gauntlets (Magnificent)
Complete a Nightmare Hunt on the Moon.
Solstice Gauntlets (Majestic)
Complete Heroic public events, defeat combatants with abilities, and defeat bosses.
Terra Concord Fists
"Use your surroundings, they said. Don't think they meant 'build armor out of a crashed space base,'...
Turris Shade Gauntlets
"Leaders. Elite infantry. Martial teachers. Your tribe would make stunning Shadows." —Calus, Emperor...
Vigil of Heroes
"Everyone's got their own way about it. Just gotta do what you need to do." —Cayde-6
Wing Discipline
"Remember your history." —Lord Shaxx
Ancient Apocalypse Plate
"Sometimes it's a cosmic event. Sometimes it's a beast from hell. Sometimes it's one man." —The Drif...
Chassis of Rull
“Calus invited the Clipse to join his Loyalists. We refused, at first. So he sent a Shadow.” —Rull, ...
Crushing Plate (CODA)
A forceful bust: for one who seeks answers about the Dark.
Cuirass of the Emperor's Champion
What will we be to each other in the next life?
Holdfast Plate
"Do not let hope belay the act of preparation. The war is often won before the first shot is fired."...
Insight Unyielding Plate
Everything ends. When you meet yours, take them all with you.
Iron Fellowship Plate
"So long as the Iron Banner flies, the Iron Lords will never die." —Lord Saladin
Moonfang-X7 Chassis
"The glasses down in Daito's R&D basement cooked up some wild trips. Not many see the light of day. ...
Plate of Nohr
"Rull threatens, but he'll fall in line. The Clipse just don't like to lose." —Valus Nohr
Plate of the Exile
"Let the heat melt your body so your soul might flow with the river of time." —Parables of the Allsp...
Plate of the Great Hunt
I wish to be brave.
Shadow's Plate
"Nothing. Nothing can stop us. You and I shall uphold the pillars of existence until the end comes. ...
Solstice Plate (Magnificent)
Complete the "Pit of Heresy" on the Moon.
Solstice Plate (Majestic)
Defeat combatants in strike playlists using a subclass that matches the [Arc] / [Solar] / [Void] Day...