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Verglas Curve
A volley of solutions to any disruption.
Conditional Finality
You will dream of me… I will never leave you…
Cryosthesia 77K
There are things colder than cold.
Ager's Scepter
"One day, you will mold the world to your liking, dear brother, as I always have." —Queen Mara Sov
Don't slip or you'll hurt yourself. A lot.
Salvation's Grip
"I respect what I cannot steal from and you cannot take from the dark." —Excerpt from an old Eliksni...
The Häkke Herod-C stays cool to the touch after hours of firing.
I am nocturnal fury.
I warn of the last moment.
Who doesn't like to spin a good yarn?
Aurvandil FR6
Wander among the stars.
Burden of Guilt
"First, we face the past. Only then can we turn to the future." —Doctor Syeda Uzair
Burden of Guilt (Adept)
"First, we face the past. Only then can we turn to the future." —Doctor Syeda Uzair
Shape: Liberation
Deliverance (Adept)
Shape: Liberation
"Sudden, swift, and deadly."
Lingering Dread
We are all burdened by the chains of our past.
One day, young hawk, thou shalt sail beneath the silvered moon.
Something New
"It's new to me." —Banshee-44
"Ammunition is the universal currency of the Sol system. The Cabal prefer to keep it that way." —Cai...
"Identify yourself, or be destroyed." —Clovis Bray I
New Purpose
I see you adorned in spots of blood like fallen rose petals. I see you victorious and bathed in ligh...
Stay Frosty
Delivering seasonal cheer with unparalleled attention.
SUROS asks that you spice things up.
I slither, I strike.
Clear your corners.
"Imagine that as the last sound you hear." —Petra Venj
No Reprieve
Sometimes mercy is worse.
Liminal Vigil
Cause and effect like a looped corridor. I stand. Ever watchful, forever.
"I will honor the terms of this armistice on one condition: the Iron Lords enforce it." —Lord Saladi...
Senuna SI6
Reliable and steady, the Omolon Senuna SI6 is ready when you need it.
My reach is deadly.
Not a thought was given, but a life was taken.
Blood Feud
Thicker than water.
Forensic Nightmare
We got a thousand bullets and only 999 casings. Find the odd one out.
Prolonged Engagement
Fight until the bitter end.
Dimensional Hypotrochoid
"What is this junk from, that old moon base? What do you mean, 'just refurbish it'?!" —Exodus Indigo...
Typhon GL5
Host a launch party with the Typhon GL5 by Omolon.
Fire and Forget
Remove what brings you pain.
Reed's Regret
"Trust me." —Savathûn as Osiris
Reed's Regret (Adept)
"Trust me." —Savathûn as Osiris
Chain of Command
Bound by duty.
Qullim's Terminus
"If only… if only we had heeded the queen…"
Qullim's Terminus (Harrowed)
"Her guidance would have saved us…"
Recurrent Impact
It's enough to drive someone out of their mind.
Bump in the Night
"If you hear a noise in the dark, shoot first." —Centurion Tuk'rin
The vengeful get their prize.
In the cold of winter, we remember that the warm west wind will blow again.
In the cold of winter, we remember that the warm west wind will blow again.