Beyond Light Trials Gear

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The Scholar (Adept)
You can't pull an all-nighter when the sun never sets.
Astral Horizon (Adept)
Even the brightest stars eventually set.
Eye of Sol (Adept)
"The sun took my sight; thus, the sun became my eyes." —Parables of the Allspring
The Summoner (Adept)
Join the dance of fire and birth.
Exile's Curse (Adept)
It's a blessing in disguise.
Tomorrow's Answer (Adept)
Could you please repeat the question?
Adept Accuracy
+10 Accuracy
Adept Blast Radius
+10 Blast Radius
Adept Charge Time
+10 Charge Time
Adept Counterbalance
Greatly improves recoil direction at the cost of range.
Adept Draw Time
+10 Draw Time
Adept Handling
+10 Handling
Adept Impact
+10 Impact
Adept Mag
Greatly increases magazine at the cost of handling.
Adept Projectile Speed
+10 Projectile Speed
Adept Range
+10 Range
Adept Reload
+10 Reload
Adept Stability
+10 Stability
Adept Targeting
Greatly increases target acquisition at the cost of stability.