Beyond Light Wrathborn Hunt Gear

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Friction Fire
Speed, heat, and Light. Fire away.
Deafening Whisper
"The right message is loud at any volume." —Osiris
Royal Chase
"If anyone asks why you're out here, just reload." —Devrim Kay
Blast Battue
"Yes, you got the kill, but the pelt is ruined." —Devrim Kay
Corsair's Wrath
"We are only briefly Awoken. The rest of existence is an eternal dream." —S...
Wild Hunt Helm
Never lose focus.
Wild Hunt Gauntlets
Strike relentlessly.
Wild Hunt Plate
"This thing we were hunting, it was smart. Scary smart. It trapped us in th...
Wild Hunt Greaves
Outrun your prey.
Wild Hunt Mark
Show your pride.
Wild Hunt Mask
Be ever vigilant.
Wild Hunt Grasps
Strike like a serpent.
Wild Hunt Vest
"We tracked the thing all the way to the ruins of Old Chicago, down into th...
Wild Hunt Strides
Move in silence.
Wild Hunt Cloak
Hide in shadow.
Wild Hunt Hood
Listen to the wind blow.
Wild Hunt Gloves
Tug at the threads of causality.
Wild Hunt Vestment
"I've studied the enemies of the Light, and I don't know what lured us to t...
Wild Hunt Boots
Tread softly.
Wild Hunt Bond
Remember your oath.