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The Messenger
The bearer of bad news.
The Messenger (Adept)
The bearer of bad news.
Igneous Hammer
Forged by fire and might.
Igneous Hammer (Adept)
Forged by fire and might.
Sola's Scar
Digging leaves a mark.
Sola's Scar (Adept)
Digging leaves a mark.
Pyrrhic Ascent Helm
"Under a sturdy enough helmet, no one can see how damaged you are." —Reed-7...
Pyrrhic Ascent Gauntlets
"A fireteam is a family. Sometimes, family fails." —Reed-7, Exo Titan
Pyrrhic Ascent Plate
"I have died for my fireteam, but I never once thought to live for them." —...
Pyrrhic Ascent Greaves
"If I could do everything over again, walk in my shoes a second time, I wou...
Pyrrhic Ascent Mark
"No matter how strong you are, there will always be a weight too heavy to c...
Pyrrhic Ascent Mask
"From the first whisper, I knew it spoke truth." —Aisha, Human Hunter
Pyrrhic Ascent Grasps
"I could have done more. Should have done more." —Aisha, Human Hunter
Pyrrhic Ascent Vest
"When you lose your faith, you lose a part of yourself." —Aisha, Human Hunt...
Pyrrhic Ascent Strides
"There is nowhere to run." —Aisha, Human Hunter
Pyrrhic Ascent Cloak
"We can't ever go back to the way things were." —Aisha, Human Hunter
Pyrrhic Ascent Hood
"I see with eyes unclouded." —Shayura, Awoken Warlock
Pyrrhic Ascent Gloves
"I cannot be absolved."—Shayura, Awoken Warlock
Pyrrhic Ascent Vestment
"I hold faith in the Light, unwavering."—Shayura, Awoken Warlock
Pyrrhic Ascent Boots
"I walk without hesitation toward my destiny." —Shayura, Awoken Warlock
Pyrrhic Ascent Bond
"Each scar I bear, a trial survived." —Shayura, Awoken Warlock
In Memoriam Shell
For Ghosts who are a beacon of Light.
Winds of Change
"You can't tell the breeze where to blow. All you can do is sit back and se...
Paradigm Shift
So fast you'll have to invent new barriers to break.
Vizier Regalia
Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.
Adept Big Ones Spec
Deals extra damage against powerful combatants, bosses, and vehicles.
Adept Icarus Grip
Moderately increases airborne effectiveness. Slightly increases handling.