Destiny 2 Season 14 Dreaming City / Moon Reissues

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"What else can we do but take up arms?" —Corsair Amrita Vae
Loud Lullaby
"Let their souls sing along." —Eris Morn
One Small Step
"Humanity once dreamt of walking on the Moon. Such innocence." —Eris Morn
"They think violence will bring peace. Maybe it can." —Eris Morn
Arc Logic
"The Hive live by sword logic. Teach them another way." —Eris Morn
Dream Breaker
"Broken dreams are all I have left. Why should they be any different?" —Eris Morn
Twilight Oath
Engraved in illuminated letters on the weapon's chassis: THE AWOKEN MADE ME.
Every Waking Moment
"Even my idle thoughts are haunted." —Eris Morn
Love and Death
"To the Hive, they are the same. Show them some love." —Eris Morn
A Fine Memorial
"Thousands of Guardians fell to Crota and the Hive. Thousands." —Eris Morn
Abide the Return
"It is what she asks of us." —Paladin Kamala Rior
Night Terror
"Become their nightmare." —Eris Morn