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The Path of Burning Steps
Those who walk through fire have burned away their fear.
Star-Eater Scales
Feast on the sky. Gorge yourself until all starlight has been gnawed to bla...
Boots of the Assembler
The manifestation of pseudophotons and impossible math.
Battlecage of Kabr
Kabr fought the Vex alone. But somehow they didn't kill him.
Lightkin Helm
"Even below this night, the ground has been warmed by the Great Machine." —...
Kabr's Brazen Grips
He consumed their technology like fire, fashioning armor from their remnant...
Lightkin Gauntlets
"Enemies become allies, that's just how it goes. Hell, most of my dearest f...
Kabr's Wrath
In the aftermath, he became obsessed with the machines.
Lightkin Plate
"We have more in common than we may realize, or be willing to admit." —Lord...
Kabr's Forceful Greaves
He was claimed by the Vault. His armor and myth are all that remain.
Lightkin Greaves
"Trust is built slowly, stone by stone. Like this City." —Commander Zavala
Light of the Great Prism
"When the long dark closes around us, we will be the last light." —Wei Ning
Lightkin Mark
"It ain't right to think wanting a better life for yourself and your kin is...
Lightkin Mask
"A Sacred Splicer can change much, but I never dreamed our lives would chan...
Prime Zealot Helm
Forged from the cores of Hezen Vex. If you feel a sense of revelation, remo...
Lightkin Grips
"Long as they don't cross me, I'm everybody's friend. Thing is, I feel like...
Prime Zealot Gloves
Forged from the remnants of broken Vex. Some of the component matter is old...
Lightkin Vest
"A shield does as much damage as a sword if it is not protecting what you h...
Prime Zealot Cuirass
Forged from the ruin of Hezen Vex armor. The sensory interface feels more n...
Lightkin Strides
"I was asked if the City would protect the Traveler. I replied it is the Tr...
Prime Zealot Greaves
Skinned in the membranes of the Hezen Vex. There is very little risk they w...
Lightkin Cloak
"The way folks act toward the Eliksni shows you who they really are. Not su...
Shattered Vault Cloak
The machines are not invincible.
Facade of the Hezen Lords
The helm's nerve interface incorporates Vex cells. They're dead, of course....
Lightkin Cover
"It has been a long time since Eliksni looked up at the Great Machine with ...
Gloves of the Hezen Lords
"Capable gauntlets. Extremely effective. I have only one piece of advice: n...
Lightkin Gloves
"I got no qualms with them shackin' up here, but you ask me, they're wild f...
Cuirass of the Hezen Lords
"Slept in the armor last night. Woke to feel my heart stuttering to the pat...
Lightkin Robes
"I once defended this city from the Fallen. As did many Lights no longer wi...
Lightkin Boots
"With the arrival of the Pyramids, and now these Eliksni joining us in the ...
Tread of the Hezen Lords
Rumor has it that the exile Osiris came too close to understanding the Vex.
Fragment of the Prime
Caged in ascendant motes, it still glimmers with the light of some ceaseles...
Lightkin Bond
"My parents walked a hard road to get me to the Last City safely. They paid...
Battlecage of Kabr
Dummy Item #1540530952
Dummy Item #887865241
Kabr's Brazen Grips
Dummy Item #1179461887
Kabr's Wrath
Dummy Item #3779947659
Kabr's Forceful Greaves
Dummy Item #2850974734
Light of the Great Prism
Dummy Item #1314422300
Prime Zealot Helm
Dummy Item #2669299605
Prime Zealot Gloves
Dummy Item #2968687755
Prime Zealot Cuirass
Dummy Item #416488695