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No Backup Plans
No ammo? No problem.
Radiant Dance Machines
Built for swift movement, they provide unexpected and decisive social benef...
Nothing Manacles
The equations balance thus: you are diminished, and I am exalted. You are b...
Descending Echo Helm
Down in the abyss, there was no hope.
Devastation Complex
"Be that which causes ruin to all who oppose the light." —The Speaker
Gensym Knight Helm
"I have no use for mawkish sentimentality. What I do need is an assistant w...
Illicit Collector Helm
You value risk. You crave reward.
Illicit Invader Helm
You pride yourself on your ability to kill.
Illicit Reaper Helm
You crave risk. You value reward.
Illicit Sentry Helm
You pride yourself on your ability to protect.
Iron Forerunner Helm
"Some know the legend. We threw ourselves on the blades of tyranny so other...
Kairos Function Helm
"Future War Cult has an artifact they call 'The Device' which may be Vex in...
Lost Pacific Helm
"I need more data. And… put the lab on yellow alert." —Dr. Shanice Pell
Opulent Duelist Helm
"I have foreseen the victories that your strength shall win in my name. Ove...
Pathfinder's Helm
If the sky is falling, shelter those beneath you.
Prodigal Helm
"There's a new player over on the Shore. He calls himself 'Crow.' As if try...
Retro-Grade TG2
Post-Collapse prototype extra-atmospheric combat armor. Scratched inside: "...
Righteous Helm
Unflinching nobility.
Substitutional Alloy Helm
Time is an ocean, vast without shore.
Tangled Web Helm
"I was at the Final Attempt. I saw a Guardian wield a gun that left molten ...
Descending Echo Gauntlets
Down where things lurked beyond the light.
Devastation Complex
"Hold tight to all that remains. It is fleeting, but doesn't have to be." —...
Gensym Knight Gauntlets
"Gensym Armor. Let's hope it does you more good than it did me." —Asher Mir
Illicit Collector Gauntlets
Let them fall. You will salvage what remains.
Illicit Invader Gauntlets
Let them run. You will hunt them where they hide.
Illicit Reaper Gauntlets
Let them come. You will wield the scythe that culls them all.
Illicit Sentry Gauntlets
Let them rally. You will shatter their courage to fight.
Iron Forerunner Gauntlets
"Some know the legend. We were forged in the fires of a burning world." —Lo...
Kairos Function Gauntlets
"Vex structures on Venus and Mercury predate the Golden Age, and possibly H...
Lost Pacific Gauntlets
"Send a deep-space probe toward the anomaly. I want to know what it is." —D...
Opulent Duelist Gauntlets
"I have foreseen the work that will bring this system together. I'll need y...
Pathfinder's Gauntlets
Place yourself at the gate. Pry it open, and hold it for those who follow.
Prodigal Gauntlets
"The Reef grieves for Uldren Sov, lost in the Taken War. He will be remembe...
Retro-Grade TG2
Post-Collapse prototype extra-atmospheric combat armor. Scratched inside: "...
Righteous Gauntlets
Blessed with the strength of your convictions.
Substitutional Alloy Gauntlets
We shall rise before we die, and die before we have risen.
Tangled Web Gauntlets
"The Kells are dead or mad. The era of Houses is over. So I came to the Sho...
Descending Echo Cage
Down amongst the shadows, there were no tomorrows.
Devastation Complex
"All you accomplish will inspire. And in that inspiration you will find str...
Gensym Knight Plate
"Have you ever considered that the Traveler might be just as chaotic and ar...
Illicit Collector Plate
Compassion. Your heart beats with compassion.
Illicit Invader Plate
Violence. Your heart beats with violence.
Illicit Reaper Plate
Honor. Your heart beats with honor.
Illicit Sentry Plate
Courage. Your heart beats with courage.
Iron Forerunner Plate
"Some know the legend. We rose from the ashes of a dying world to save huma...
Kairos Function Plate
"Multiple analyses confirm: the milky radiolarian fluid found in Vex chassi...
Lost Pacific Plate
"The probe's initial data makes no sense. And then the signal died. What ha...
Opulent Duelist Plate
"I have foreseen what must fall so the Empire may rise. Your mastery of war...
Pathfinder's Chestplate
Forged from the reinforced armor of fallen Corsairs to carry the burden tha...
Prodigal Cuirass
"Petra Venj, I formally request that you take the Queenship." —Paladin Leon...