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"Ammunition is the universal currency of the Sol system. The Cabal prefer t...
Wolftone Draw
"Keep the string a little loose. It's supposed to sound like that." —Petra ...
Iota Draconis
"The paths between stars are fractal mirrors of the neurons in our brains a...
Canis Major
"The stars roar with violent destruction. Channel their astral rage." —Ylai...
Pathfinder's Helm
If the sky is falling, shelter those beneath you.
Pathfinder's Gauntlets
Place yourself at the gate. Pry it open, and hold it for those who follow.
Pathfinder's Chestplate
Forged from the reinforced armor of fallen Corsairs to carry the burden tha...
Pathfinder's Greaves
When your muscles burn and the path stretches on, turn your thoughts to how...
Pathfinder's Mark
A sigil of solidarity between two cities.
Pathfinder's Helmet
Eyes open and keep to the horizon.
Pathfinder's Grips
Place your fingers on the pulse of this place. Find rhythm, and synchronize...
Pathfinder's Tunic
Forged from the reinforced armor of fallen Corsairs to shepherd the lost as...
Pathfinder's Legguards
Keep moving. Find the others. Stay alive.
Pathfinder's Hood
A faithful companion to cover your flank.
Pathfinder's Visor
Clear mind and strong will serve as guides through the Ley Lines.
Pathfinder's Wraps
Place your palms to the dirt and form the path you wish to walk.
Pathfinder's Robe
Forged from the reinforced armor of fallen Corsairs to honor memories that ...
Pathfinder's Pants
Step without ground. Leap without falling. Fly without wind.
Pathfinder's Bond
A beacon, like a flare, burning a sphere of safety in the night.
"I still prefer the Eliksni method of scrapworking. But I admit that the Gu...
Celestial Cartography