The Witch Queen PsiOp Battleground Gear

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Piece of Mind
With words or weapons, inaccuracy can be fatal.
Not a thought was given, but a life was taken.
Sweet Sorrow
A scratched-out inscription on the barrel reads, "A birthday is just a numb...
Under Your Skin
The splinter you just can't remove.
Explosive Personality
Keep your distance from this one.
Recurrent Impact
It's enough to drive someone out of their mind.
Tusked Allegiance Helmet
"They are an insult, a stain that's our duty to wash away." —Lord Saladin
Tusked Allegiance Gauntlets
"If this is a test, we shall not fail." —Lord Saladin
Tusked Allegiance Plate
"I believed not that the Light was good, but that there is goodness in thos...
Tusked Allegiance Greaves
"Meet them head-on. Let us see whose Light burns more brightly." —Lord Sala...
Tusked Allegiance Mark
"We are what we survive. They will not be the Guardians." —Lord Saladin
Tusked Allegiance Mask
"When I look at them, I see myself staring back." —Crow
Tusked Allegiance Grips
"I don't think any of us will be the same when this is over." —Crow
Tusked Allegiance Vest
"If they're truly worthy, if it's something they deserve, let them prove it...
Tusked Allegiance Strides
"Glint says to keep moving. That's how you know something's wrong." —Crow
Tusked Allegiance Cloak
"You'd think I'd understand it better than anyone, right? But I don't under...
Tusked Allegiance Hood
"They have succeeded, somehow. But they will succeed no longer." —Empress C...
Tusked Allegiance Gloves
"Bonds are forged on the battlefield and broken at the War Table." —Empress...
Tusked Allegiance Robes
"Were the Light a glory to be earned, the Cabal would have claimed it long ...
Tusked Allegiance Boots
"We stand with the Vanguard. No outside force will break what we have wroug...
Tusked Allegiance Bond
"I do not sit and theologize my enemies. I crush them." —Empress Caiatl
Sovereign Order
Do not fly so far that you can no longer hear her voice.
Life for Life
Psychic Warfare