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Ignition Code
"I can decode anything with a grenade launcher." —Saint-14
Lingering Dread
We are all burdened by the chains of our past.
Pardon Our Dust
When the dead speak, you should listen.
The Militia's Birthright
"Earth is our home. Not Mars, not Venus, not even the Reef. We must ensure it is a place we can cont...
SUROS asks that you spice things up.
Return fire to sender.
Wastelander M5
A trusty companion for those long walks in hard vacuum.
Come to Pass
Always be mindful of the repeat offender.
Empty Vessel
"It's versatile. By itself, it's nothing, just an empty tube. But that's its deceptive beauty; it's ...
Orewing's Maul
"They were the first to chart the Cosmodrome's mountains." —Lord Saladin
"If we wish others to accept the grim reality, we must break through every comforting illusion." —Ar...
BxR-55 Battler
A treasured competition piece from a bygone era.
Gallu RR3
An inescapable pursuit.
Retraced Path
An early prototype that brought the potential for future Trace Rifles into sharper focus.
Welcome to hell on Earth… delivered at 250 feet per second!
A fine blade, but seems like it's missing something…
The Other Half
If only there was a way to combine them…