New Weapons in Season of the Deep

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Wicked Implement
The Navigator
I dive to understand.
Breakthrough, or broken?
Old Sterling
It's far from pretty, but it will never let you down.
Pressurized Precision
Beware the telltale hiss of a pressure leak…
New Pacific Epitaph
"This isn't happening. This isn't happening. This isn't happening."
Something New
"It's new to me." —Banshee-44
Spare Rations
Whether times are lean or fat.
Chattering Bone
We have so much to discuss, o seeker mine.
Different Times
The past lasts forever.
The Messenger
The bearer of bad news.
The Messenger (Adept)
The bearer of bad news.
SUROS invites you to glide along.
Last Rite
How will you choose to die?
Randy's Throwing Knife
"On me, team; I'm capturing the third point!" —Randy, upon receiving orders not to
Desire becomes reality, o wishbringer mine.
Until Its Return
The day will come.
A Distant Pull
From distant hollows, a call demands attention.
The Supremacy
"He didn't recognize me, at the end." —Jolyon Till the Rachis
Rapacious Appetite
Hunt, feed, hunt again.
Age-Old Bond
Symbiosis. Not predation. Never predation, o wary one mine.
Positive Outlook
Lead by example.
Tyranny of Heaven
It was She that inspired me to imagine your destruction, o jailer mine.
Loaded Question
"Hey. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun's ready." —Banshee-44
Loaded Question (Adept)
"Hey. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun's ready." —Banshee-44
Techeun Force
Sworn into faithful service to the Queen, the Techeuns of the Reef have long protected the secrets o...
Greasy Luck
Death to the living, long life to the killers
Unexpected Resurgence
"Stasis was the thesis. Strand is his dissertation." —Sister Faora
Unexpected Resurgence (Adept)
"Stasis was the thesis. Strand is his dissertation." —Sister Faora
Combined Action
Built with modular parts for fireteams out in the field.
Epochal Integration
"It is a wonder that we are still here. Keep it that way." —Osiris
Nation of Beasts
I can show you how we were in our prime. You need only ask, o student mine.
Targeted Redaction
"Who?" —Osiris
No such word as extinction.
Compass Rose
"Let the Light be your compass." —Mithrax
Last Man Standing
Call me Ozymandias.
Last Foray
Scouts know that the foolhardy start fights; the wise finish them.
Mercurial Overreach
Know your limits, or your foes will teach them to you.
Sole Survivor
Names mean nothing to the dead.
Bug-Out Bag
Grab and go.
No Survivors
"There's not enough seats."
Swarm of the Raven
"With enough altitude, Felwinter's destruction would blanket the field farther than you could see." ...
Laser Painter
Light up the battlefield with brilliant colors.
Apex Predator
Is it you or I that tops the food chain, o challenger mine?
BrayTech Osprey
Expected Use Timeframe: UNKNOWN.
BrayTech Osprey (Adept)
Expected Use Timeframe: UNKNOWN.
Cold Comfort
"Do not be afraid."
Crowning Duologue
The stage is yours.
Just in Case
Even contingencies need contingencies.
Thin Precipice
Sharpened, from tip to hilt, drawing from all who partake in the ritual of war.