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The Last Word
"Yours, until the last flame dies and all words have been spoken." —Shin Malphur to you, as you jour...
Izanagi's Burden
"Shame. Guilt. Fear. We all bear them. Gather your regrets, purge them as best you can. Let your ene...
Le Monarque
"Wings flutter. Beauty distracts. Poison injects. The butterfly's curse extends to your enemies. A s...
"Untamed. Destructive. As forceful and chaotic as Ymir himself." —Ada-1
"Stick to wall, ground, human… then FFFFFRRRRRYYYYY! Hehehehehehehe." —Siviks, Lost to None
"They don't make Dark Age tech like this anymore. Lucky for you I kept all mine." —The Drifter
The Spiteful Fang
Pierce the heart of reality.
The Mountaintop
"In the heat of battle, Guardian, you will know the right choice to make." —Lord Shaxx
Bad News XF4354
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Crimil's Dagger
"She only wanted to help. I know that now." —Lord Saladin
Blast Furnace
Forged in the hottest fires.
Three drops is all it takes.
Does Not Compute
The engineers aren't ready for us.
Baligant XU7743
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Threat Level
Hold on 'til midnight.
Show of Force XF4865
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Atalanta-D XG1992
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Galliard-42 XN7568
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
The Ringing Nail
Strike while the iron's hot.
The Vow
"'Til death do us part." —Lord Shaxx
Loaded Question
Hey. You see Cayde around, tell him his gun's ready. —Banshee-44
Tempered Dynamo
Reinforce the bonds of legacy.
Kindled Orchid
Find the beauty in the flame.
Swift Ride XE8375
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
No Feelings
Lose yourself in the moment.
Tango-45 XK5094
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Blow out all the candles.
Dead Man Walking XX7463
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
"They say you can't reason with these enemies. I dunno—my gun and I seem to manage just fine." —Kei-...
Tatara Gaze
The fire in your eyes reveals all truths.
The Hero's Burden
Forged in honor of Saladin, of all that has been lost and all that remains.
Acantha-D XK8434
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
If they're close enough to see it start, then they'd better run.
Smash through the veil.
Bellowing Giant
Fate will hear your war cry.
Hoosegow XE5837
A Black Armory experimental prototype.
Stryker's Sure-Hand
No job too big.
Bulletsmith's Ire Helm
"Our forges will be state-of-the-art, delivering Black Armory weapons all over the solar system." —H...
Forged Machinist Helm
"Home is where the Hand Cannon is." —Ada-1
Froststrike Helm
"During the Festival of the Lost, we look back. During the Dawning, we look forward." —Ikora Rey
Iron Fellowship Helm
"Remember why we fight." —Lord Saladin
Star-Crossed Helm
"I said 'use your head!' and then she… well, I think you get it." —Pahanin
Bulletsmith's Ire Gauntlets
"We have an opportunity to change the world. The Black Armory has tools and solutions nobody else is...
Forged Machinist Gauntlets
"Humanity can only rely upon itself in these dire times." —Ada-1
Froststrike Gauntlets
"We welcome the Dawning of a new year with hearts open and arms outstretched." —Eva Levante
Iron Fellowship Gauntlets
"Some friendships, even death itself cannot sunder." —Lord Saladin
Star-Crossed Fists
"Told my new recruits about your fisticuffs in Meridian Bay. One of 'em didn't believe me. Wanna giv...
Bulletsmith's Ire Plate
"It's not enough, what we've built. The Black Armory can be bigger. Better. It will be. It has to be...
Forged Machinist Plate
"Temper your resolve like gunmetal, because you must become the true weapon." —Ada-1
Froststrike Plate
The Dawning's familiar warmth can thaw even the coldest of hearts.