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The engineers aren't ready for us.
The Vow
"'Til death do us part." —Lord Shaxx
Blow out all the candles.
Two to Tango
Complete a Nightfall in a fireteam of two.
Bear Hug
Defeat enemies with melee final blows.
Displays of Affection
Complete public events in a fireteam of two.
Double Duty
Defeat enemies in the Crimson Days playlist.
As a fireteam, defeat enemies seeking "revenge."
Heat of the Moment
Defeat enemies with Solar damage.
Love Story
Complete a story mission in a fireteam of two.
Loved and Lost
Loot a Lost Sector in a fireteam of two.
Complete any matchmade activity.
Playing Cupid
Defeat enemies with a Bow.
Plus One
Complete matches of Crimson Days.
Power of Love
Rapidly defeat multiple enemy combatants without reloading.
Separation Anxiety
As a fireteam, defeat enemies separated from their partner.
Share the Love
Generate Orbs of Power.
As a fireteam, defeat "reunited" enemies.
Two's Company
Complete an adventure in a fireteam of two.
Warmhearted Gift
Extra Confectionary Hearts? Donate them to Lord Shaxx's Crimson Days event for a random reward!