Season 5 Raid Gear // Scourge of the Past

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Threat Level
Hold on 'til midnight.
Tempered Dynamo
Reinforce the bonds of legacy.
No Feelings
Lose yourself in the moment.
Bellowing Giant
Fate will hear your war cry.
Bulletsmith's Ire Helm
"Our forges will be state-of-the-art, delivering Black Armory weapons all o...
Bulletsmith's Ire Gauntlets
"We have an opportunity to change the world. The Black Armory has tools and...
Bulletsmith's Ire Plate
"It's not enough, what we've built. The Black Armory can be bigger. Better....
Bulletsmith's Ire Greaves
"Their tools of war could be put to better use. The Armory has the ideas. T...
Bulletsmith's Ire Mark
"Humanity will need protection. The Black Armory will provide." —H. Rasmuss...
Bladesmith's Memory Mask
"The Black Armory celebrates who we are. Who we all are. We design all of o...
Bladesmith's Memory Grips
"Tradition binds us. It keeps us in line. It is the foundation of family, a...
Bladesmith's Memory Vest
"My mother always did her best to preserve our traditions, despite the worl...
Bladesmith's Memory Strides
"Humanity deserves to be seen as they truly are. To not allow their heritag...
Bladesmith's Memory Cloak
"We hold onto traditions like memories. They define us. They remind us of t...
Gunsmith's Devotion Crown
"The human condition pushes us. Moves us. We fight because we love. We die ...
Gunsmith's Devotion Gloves
"What we did, we did for humanity. For family." —H. Meyrin
Gunsmith's Devotion Robes
"Black market arms aren't a particularly popular subject, for obvious reaso...
Gunsmith's Devotion Boots
"They came for us. We were not prepared. Despite our best attempts." —H. Me...
Gunsmith's Devotion Bond
"First the Traveler, and then what? What follows in its wake? We must be pr...
Always on Time
Every second counts.
Recovered Memories
Scourge of Nothing