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An Arsenal of Tricks
Defeat opponents with final blows from any ability. Earn bonus progress for Supers and opponents with a higher Power level.
Around the Fire
Capture zones in the Iron Banner playlist. Earn bonus progress for each additional teammate in the zone with you.
Iron Confidence
Defeat opponents with final blows from any weapon. Earn bonus progress for Energy weapons, Power weapons, and opponents with ...
Maneuver Warfare
Defeat opponents while your team holds Zone Advantage. Earn bonus progress during the Hunt.
Oath of the Pack
Defeat opponents while assisted by at least one other teammate.
The Rout
Defeat opponents in the Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress by landing final blows on opponents with a higher Power level.
Victory Banners
Complete matches in the Iron Banner playlist. Wins award bonus progress.
Bounty of the Forest
Collect candy inside the Haunted Forest.
Break the Machine
Complete strikes and defeat at least one Vex strike boss.
Combat Drill
Complete Crucible matches. Defeating opponents and assisting or being assisted by your teammates grant the most efficient pro...
Do It
Earn 5 points. Wins add 3, losses add 2.
End the Ritual
Complete strikes and defeat at least one Hive strike boss.
Force Projection
In multiple strikes, defeat combatants with Void damage.
Lightning Strikes
In multiple strikes, defeat combatants with Arc damage.
Lunar Spelunker
Loot chests in 3 of the Moon's Lost Sectors.
Luna's Recall
Complete the weekly replayable story mission on the Moon.
The mission can be accessed from the Moon on the Director.
Might of the Traveler
Earn points by casting Supers, defeating enemies with Supers, and creating Orbs of Light.
Nightmare Hunter
Defeat Nightmares in Nightmare Hunts.
Nightmare Sojourner
Defeat Nightmares across the solar system. Nightmares can be found in Lost Sectors on Titan, Io, Nessus, and the EDZ.
On the Grind
Earn points by defeating enemies, defeating Guardians, and banking Motes.
Quantum Mechanic
Complete Crucible matches and defeat opponents with Void damage. Defeating opponents with Void Supers and Void Power weapons ...
Ride the Lightning
Complete Crucible matches and defeat opponents with Arc damage. Defeating opponents with Arc Supers and Arc Power weapons gra...
Slow-Wave Disruption
Complete waves of Altars of Sorrow in Sorrow's Harbor.
Step Into the Light
Complete Crucible matches. Casting your Super, defeating opponents with your Super, and shutting down opponents in their Supe...
The Sweetest Loot
Complete activities outside of the Haunted Forest to collect Chocolate Strange Coins.
Thin the Horde
In multiple strikes, defeat Hive combatants.
Thrill of Victory
Complete Crucible matches. Wins grant the most efficient progress.
Wrench in the Works
In multiple strikes, defeat Vex combatants.
Collective Force
Complete Nightfall: The Ordeal activities with clanmates. Higher difficulties grant the most efficient progress.
Flock, Prey, Pick Clean
Defeat other Guardians in Gambit with clanmates.
Complete Gambit matches with clanmates.
Uneven the Odds
Win Gambit matches with clanmates.
Arc Slayer
Defeat opponents with Arc damage.
Auto Rifle Slayer
Defeat opponents with Auto Rifle final blows.
Defeat Guardians with grenade abilities in the Crucible.
Defeat Guardians with precision damage in the Crucible.
Combat Training
Defeat Guardians in the Crucible.
Grenade Slayer
Defeat opponents with grenades.
Hunter Slayer
Defeat Hunter opponents.
Melee Slayer
Defeat opponents with melee final blows.
SMG Slayer
Defeat opponents with Submachine Gun final blows.
Super Slayer
Defeat opponents with Super final blows.
Titan Slayer
Defeat Titan opponents.
Void Slayer
Defeat opponents with Void damage.
Warlock Slayer
Defeat Warlock opponents.
All Right, All Right, All Right
Complete a Gambit match.
Arc in the Night
Dispel Nightmares using Arc abilities.
Big-Game Hunter
Eliminate a high-value target in Gambit.
Send a small, a medium, and a large Blocker in Gambit.
By the Code
Defeat opponents.