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The Shelter in Place
"Where is your home? That is where you will fight the hardest." —Zavala
The Shelter in Place
Some armor doesn't protect you so much as it just makes the dying slower.
The Shelter in Place
This armor won't stop a Cabal round, but it'll buy you some time before you...
The Shelter in Place
"That each of us have many lives to give for the City is the Traveler's gre...
Mark of Shelter
Titans are both the shelter and the storm.
The Took Offense
Hunters are big on the "outrageous fortune." Emphasis on outrage. And fortu...
The Took Offense
The best defense is offense, because then your enemy's dead. The second-bes...
The Took Offense
It's all good fun… until it's not.
The Took Offense
"Ten paces, sidearms or Hand Cannons only. Usually to the third rez. Do NOT...
The Took Offense
This armor may not be as thick as rhino hide, but it does smell better. Tha...
Xenos Vale IV
It demands a swift and terrible response.
Xenos Vale IV
There is no City without the Warlocks.
Xenos Vale IV
We were all strangers once. Even the Traveler.
Xenos Vale IV
The realm of the strange is the Warlock's home.
Xenos Vale Bond
New things are only strange until you behold them. Then they are even stran...
Enhancement Prism
Required for forging Masterwork gear. Obtained from challenging activities ...
Upgrade Module
A collection of universal components that can be used to infuse power betwe...
Vanguard Angelos
Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.
Vanguard Stratosphere
Equip this shader to change the color of your gear.
Timeless Vigil
Controlled Destruction
Defeat combatants with Special or Heavy ammo. Grenade Launcher final blows ...
Elegant Weaponry
Defeat combatants with Heavy ammo. Sword final blows in Vanguard playlists ...
Fast and True
Defeat combatants with Primary ammo. Bow final blows in Vanguard playlists ...
Finish Them
Defeat combatants with your finisher in Vanguard playlists.
From Downtown
Defeat multiple combatants at a time with your Super.
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Defeat combatants with grenades. Defeating them in Vanguard playlists grant...
In Their Face
Defeat combatants with Special ammo. Shotgun final blows in Vanguard playli...
Into the Abyss
Defeat combatants with Void damage in Vanguard playlists.
Kill It with Fire
Defeat combatants with Solar damage in Vanguard playlists.
Long Distance Plan
Defeat combatants with Special ammo. Sniper Rifle final blows in Vanguard p...
One Shot, One Kill
Defeat combatants with precision damage. Bonus progress is granted in Vangu...
Perfect Energy
Defeat combatants with Special ammo. Fusion Rifle final blows in Vanguard p...
Rocketing to Prominence
Defeat combatants with Heavy ammo. Rocket Launcher final blows in Vanguard ...
Show Them the Light
Defeat combatants with your Super in Vanguard playlists.
The Inner Storm
Defeat combatants with Arc damage in Vanguard playlists.
Defeat combatants while in Vanguard playlists.
Vanguard Service
Additional Bounties
Obtain an additional random Vanguard bounty.