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A False Refraction
Talk to Saint-14.
A Lost Relic
You've pulled a new timelost frame out of the shattered timelines within the Sundial. Although you can't identify the weapon ...
A Strong Arm
Spider wants you to get your hands dirty. Defeat challenging enemies and complete public events on the Tangled Shore to encou...
A Tour Through History
Saint-14 has confirmed that the timelost frame you found is a piece of Twilight Gap history. He thinks you can repair it with...
Altered Chief
Your investigations have aligned. An old weapon belonging to Saint-14 was recovered by a Fallen long ago. That Fallen, buried...
Backroom Brawl
Follow Spider's charitable lead to the Lost Sector Empty Tank in Thieves' Landing. Your target has been seen placing Ether be...
Delivery: Amanda and Benedict
Upgrade the Alpine Dash Sparrow by baking holiday gifts and delivering them to Amanda Holliday and Benedict 99-40.
Delivery: Drifter and Vance
Bake holiday gifts, then deliver them to the Drifter and Brother Vance.
Available only during the Dawning 2019.
Delivery: Eris and Calus
Upgrade the Alpine Dash Sparrow by baking holiday gifts and delivering them to Eris Morn and the Visage of Calus.
Available ...
Delivery: Saint-14 and Spider
Upgrade the Alpine Dash Sparrow by baking holiday gifts and delivering them to Saint-14 and Spider.
Available only during th...
In the Field
Earn progress by completing Sundial runs, Gambit matches, Crucible matches, playlist strikes, and Nightfalls.
Lost Connection
The Fallen intel you've collected has allowed you to analyze the Fallen's comms chatter. Two names are repeating: One is Sain...
New Enhancements
Banshee-44 is working on a new Exotic weapon catalyst. He'd like your help with the finishing touches.
Rude Awakening
Spider's associates have found several talkative Fallen willing to sell information for safety. Travel to the Lost Sector Tra...
Spoken Word
The Light frequency you're chasing aligns with those of not only the Sundial, but also the chronometric core you recovered fr...
Talk to Saint-14
Talk to Saint-14.
Talk to Spider
Aksiniks carried a note written in Eliksni script. Ghost has deciphered the text, but you're missing context to find your nex...
Well Earned
You've demonstrated your skill with Symmetry in the field. Return to Banshee-44 to receive your new catalyst.
A Disturbance on Mercury
Ikora believes Osiris will be able to explain the Red Legion's renewed interest in Mercury, but she can't contact him. She's ...
A Hero's Welcome
Saint-14 has returned to the City. Visit him in the Tower Hangar to welcome him home.
A Missing Link
The obelisk is fully functioning. All that's left is to link it to the Sundial by strengthening its power here on the Shore.
A New Paradox
Osiris has completed the restoration of the phased Shotgun. He requests your presence in the Sundial immediately.
Return to ...
A Sense of Duty
Now that you've completed tasks for your allies across the system, Saint-14 wishes to speak with you again about your experie...
A Timely Discovery
The energy patterns you collected have allowed Osiris to stabilize the phased object. Perhaps the stabilization will uncover ...
An Impossible Task
Travel to the past and attempt to succeed where Osiris failed.
Back to the Past
Return to the past and succeed where Osiris failed.
Big Vex Hunting
Defeat challenging Vex to collect their cores and land precision final blows on Vex to collect radiolarian fluid so you can r...
Brighten the Core
Infuse the Core with Light by gathering Orbs of Light.
Casualties of War
You've honored the lost of both Titan and Nessus. The final step is to remember those who were lost recently: the casualties ...
Community Service
Saint-14 wants to understand the ways in which you serve the Last City. He has asked you to go about your regular duties so t...
Return to the Tower Courtyard to forge a connection to the Mars Obelisk.
Return to the Tower Courtyard to forge a connection to the Tangled Shore Obelisk.
Return to the Tower Courtyard to forge a connection to the Nessus Obelisk.
Return to the Tower Courtyard to forge a connection to the EDZ Obelisk.
Containing the Anomaly
Speak with Osiris to learn more about containing the temporal anomaly on Mercury.
Crisis Averted
Return to Osiris in the Sundial Spire on Mercury.
Death Metal
At any time during Season 9, capture zones, land final blows using Hand Cannons, and land Super final blows in the Iron Banne...
Delivery Pending
You and Saint-14 have completed the repairs. Place the repaired obelisk in the Tower Courtyard.
Detached from Time
As you left the Sundial, you found a strange object that seemed to materialize from nowhere. The object is unidentifiable, bu...
Done and Done
Return to Zavala in the Tower.
Duty Driven
Defeat combatants with Solar damage, earn points, and defeat bosses in Nightfall or playlist strikes during Season 9.
Early Colonies
Saint-14 has asked you to help him honor the losses of humanity across history. You begin your journey with Titan, where many...
EDZ: Light Collection
Charge the EDZ Obelisk by defeating enemies with abilities and your Super, and by collecting Orbs of Light.
EDZ: Light Infusion
Bank the Light charge you accumulated to power the EDZ Obelisk.
EDZ: Recovery Operation
Defeat Cabal in the EDZ to obtain Armor Plating materials. Cabal defeated with finishers drop additional materials.
EDZ: Reinforcements
Bank the recovered Armor Plating at the obelisk in the EDZ.
EDZ: Timeline Stabilization
Interact with the obelisk in the EDZ to complete its activation.
Exploring the Corridors of Time
Visit Saint-14 and deliver what you found in the Corridors of Time. He might know what to do with it.
Field Research
In order for Osiris to stabilize the phased object, he needs you to collect energy patterns by defeating enemies.
Defeat bos...
Finishing Touches
To fully rebuild and identify the phased Shotgun, Osiris needs components that will return it to its original state. He belie...