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Sweet Gifts
Bake delicious treats in Eva's Holiday Oven.
The Spirit of Giving
Deliver holiday treats to recipients all over the system.
Big Finish
Defeat combatants using your finisher.
Cabal in a Day's Work
Defeat Cabal combatants.
Dawning Blaze
Defeat combatants with Solar damage.
Dawning Spark
Defeat combatants with Arc damage.
Dawning Star
Defeat combatants with Void damage.
Fall in Line
Defeat Fallen combatants.
Festive Fire
Defeat combatants using Auto Rifles.
Festive Touch
Defeat combatants with melee attacks.
Festively Armed
Defeat combatants with Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pulse Rifles, or Bows.
Guiding Light
Gather Orbs of Power.
Hive Handler
Defeat Hive combatants.
Joyful Precision
Defeat combatants with precision damage.
Light It Up
Generate Orbs of Power.
Light Show
Defeat combatants using grenades or Rocket Launchers.
Line Them Up
Earn multikills against enemies of the Traveler.
Lookin' Sharp
Defeat combatants using a Sword.
Scorn Slayer
Defeat Scorn combatants.
Super Festive
Defeat enemies using your Super.
Take 'Em Out
Defeat Taken combatants.
Defeat Vex combatants.