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Air Trigger
Greatly increased ammo reserves. When airborne, accuracy and reload speed are further increased but target acquisition is dec...
Archer's Gambit
Hipfire precision hits grant a massive draw speed bonus for an improved duration. Further precision hits extend the duration.
Chaos Reshaped
This weapon gains bonus damage while in combat for an extended time, activating faster. Remaining in combat for a slightly re...
Circle of Life
Rapidly healing allies grants this weapon an improved period of increased damage.
Desperate Measures
Weapon final blows grant bonus damage for an improved duration. Melee and grenade final blows grant a larger damage bonus tha...
Magnificent Howl
The number of precision final blows before reloading affects the total rounds granted with increased range and damage. Precis...
Master of Arms
Final blows with any weapon improve this weapon's damage for an improved duration.
Rapidly healing allies grants you and your allies restoration for an improved duration.
Final blows with this weapon increase the size of its detonations for an improved duration.
Final blows with this weapon generate improved class ability energy. Activating your class ability briefly improves this weap...
Threat Remover
Dealing damage with nearly all bullets in a spread increases reload speed, handling, and stability.
To the Pain
While this weapon is equipped, taking damage greatly increases handling and aim assist until the weapon is stowed.
Taking mo...