The Final Shape: Salvation's Edge Armor

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Promised Reunion Helm
"I…was with them again."
Promised Reunion Gauntlets
"An embrace so long, I held them with all the strength I had left."
Promised Reunion Plate
"I saw my wife, my son… we were whole again."
Promised Reunion Greaves
"All the pain, all the guilt, welled up at once and then was gone."
Promised Reunion Mark
"Together we would find peace."
Promised Reign Mask
"I stand beside the empty throne."
Promised Reign Grips
"Nothing stands in my way; it is mine."
Promised Reign Vest
"In the distance, a hammer clangs; my heart burns."
Promised Reign Strides
"The fire laps at my feet."
Promised Reign Cloak
"I turn, and there she is. Radiant."
Promised Victory Hood
"My greatest fear… is re-living one, specific moment."
Promised Victory Wraps
"Shaxx is there. Gun in my hand, hot to the touch."
Promised Victory Robes
"My heart is pounding. Every inch of my being vibrating with adrenaline."
Promised Victory Boots
"I'm tired, but I can't give in…"
Promised Victory Bond
"Time is called; we win. I win. One more round, just one more round."