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High-Impact Reserves
Rounds at the end of the magazine deal more damage. Improved damage starts earlier in the magazine.
Hip-Fire Grip
Greatly increases accuracy, stability, and precision hit targeting when firing from the hip.
Immovable Object
Dealing ranged damage grants substantially increased weapon energy while you're stationary with your shield raised.
Impulse Amplifier
Massively increases projectile velocity, substantially increases reload speed.
Gain bonus damage and charge rate during a slide after sprinting for an improved duration.
Kill Clip
Reloading after defeating a target grants increased damage for an improved duration.
Killing Wind
Final blows grant increased mobility, weapon range, and handling for an improved duration.
Lasting Impression
Rockets attach on impact and detonate after a delay. Substantially increases blast radius and increases damage.
Lead from Gold
Picking up Heavy ammo also grants increased ammo to this weapon.
Moving Target
Increased movement speed and improved target acquisition when moving while aiming down sights.
Missing a shot has an improved chance to return ammo directly to the magazine.
Multikill Clip
Reloading grants increased damage based on the number of rapid final blows made beforehand for an improved duration.
No Distractions
Aiming this weapon for a very short period of time reduces flinch.
One for All
Hitting three separate targets increases damage for an improved duration.
One-Two Punch
Hitting a target with nearly every pellet in a shot increases melee damage for a short duration.
Opening Shot
Greatly improved accuracy and range on the opening shot of attack.
Using your grenade ability changes this weapon's damage type to match your subclass until you stow it. Handling is improved.
Precision final blows greatly decrease reload time for an improved duration.
Picking up Special or Heavy ammo loads this weapon even further beyond normal capacity.
Perpetual Motion Enhanced
This weapon gains bonus stability, handling, and reload speed while the wielder is in motion for a short duration.
Pulse Monitor
Automatically reloads the magazine and improves weapon handling when lightly wounded—even when this weapon is stowed.
This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast. Reload is improved.
Final blows with this weapon grant increased damage for an improved duration. Stacks 3 times.
Aiming this weapon increases its effective range and zoom magnification, and improves handling. Increased projectile velocity...
Rapid Hit
Rapid precision hits temporarily increase stability and reload speed substantially.
Elemental final blows increase the damage of this weapon's next shot. Damage accelerates faster.
This weapon reloads itself at an improved rate over time, up to double capacity.
Damaging rank-and-file combatants increases damage against more powerful ones. Powerful shots consume fewer stacks.
Relentless Strikes
[Light Attack] : Landing three light-attack hits within an improved short time grants Sword ammo.
Reservoir Burst
When the battery is full, your next burst deals additional damage and causes targets to explode on death. Improves stability.
Shoot to Loot
Shooting an ammo brick picks it up and automatically reloads all of your equipped weapons from reserves. Increases range.
Sleight of Hand
Final blows with weapons or abilities while this weapon is stowed increase its handling, stability, and reload speed for an i...
Sliding partially reloads this weapon's magazine and temporarily boosts range and stability greatly.
Sliding partially reloads this weapon's magazine and temporarily boosts handling and stability greatly.
Snapshot Sights
Faster time to aim down sights. Stability is increased.
Sneak Bow
Increases hold time and reload speed; prevents radar pings from shooting while crouched. Improves stability and reload.
Stats for All
Hitting three separate targets increases weapon handling, stability, reload, and range for an improved duration.
Steady Hands
Kills provide improved handling for all weapons for a longer duration.
Defeating targets partially reloads the magazine from reserves with an increased amount of ammo.
Successful Warm-Up
Each final blow increases charge/draw speed for an improved duration.
Substantially increases handling, reload speed, and stability for each fully charged ability.
This weapon gains improved bonus damage when three or more targets are in close proximity.
This weapon gains increased damage for an improved duration from melee final blows and defeating targets with this weapon.
Sympathetic Arsenal
Reloading a short time after a final blow also reloads stowed weapons.
Tap the Trigger
Grants an improved short period of greatly increased stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull.
Threat Detector
Greatly increased reload, stability, and handling when targets are in close proximity.
Defeating combatants with this weapon generates an improved small amount of Super energy.
Tilting at Windmills
Blocking damage with your shield increases movement speed for an improved duration while you are shielding.
Tireless Blade
Sword ammo granted for every other powered Sword final blow, with a chance for additional ammo to be provided.
Tracking Module
Adds tracking capability to rockets. Locks onto targets when aiming down sights. Increases blast radius.