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Cast your Super to grant Overshield to nearby allies.
Casting your Barricade grants Overshield to yourself and nearby allie...
Chaos Accelerant
[Grenade] : Hold to overcharge your grenade, making it deadlier and more effective.
Vortex Grenade: Increases the size and l...
Child of the Old Gods
Cast your rift to create a Void Soul. When you damage a target with a weapon, your Void Soul flies to them and drains them, d...
Controlled Demolition
Hitting a target with a Void ability or Volatile explosion makes them volatile. Further damage to a volatile target causes th...
Feed the Void
Defeat a target with a Void ability to activate Devour.
Your Devour effects are improved, restoring additional health and gr...
Offensive Bulwark
While you have an Overshield or are inside Ward of Dawn, your grenade charges significantly faster, you have increased melee ...
Stylish Executioner
Defeating a weakened, suppressed, or volatile target grants Invisibility and Truesight.
After performing a Stylish Execution...
Trapper's Ambush
Activate Quickfall to spend your melee charge and dive to the ground, creating a large smoke cloud on impact, which then diss...
Vanishing Step
Dodging makes you invisible.