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A Futile Search
Find a dead Ghost in Anchor of Light.
Part of Quest "A Futile Search"
A Loyal Friend
Locate the Ghost of Omar Agah in the Pit.
Part of Quest "A Loyal Friend"
A True Believer
Find a dead Ghost in the Summoning Pits.
Part of Quest "A True Believer"
Adonna's Quest
Find a dead Ghost in the Shrine of Oryx.
Part of Quest "Adonna's Quest"
Dark Dreams
Find a dead Ghost in the Lunar Battlegrounds.
Part of Quest "Dark Dreams"
Echo of the Great Disaster
Find a dead Ghost in Archer's Line.
Part of Quest "Echo of the Great Disaster"
Essence of Anguish
Cleansing this Essence will grant a piece of gear.
Complete daily bounties from Eris Morn to cleanse this Essence.
Part of Quest "Essence of Anguish"
Essence of Brutality
Cleansing this Essence will grant a piece of gear.
Complete patrols, public events, and Lost Sectors across the Moon, defeat...
Part of Quest "Essence of Brutality"
Essence of Despair
Cleansing this Essence will grant a piece of gear.
Collect resources, loot chests, and complete patrols, public events, and ...
Part of Quest "Essence of Despair"
First Crota Team's Fallen
Find a dead Ghost in the World's Grave.
Part of Quest "First Crota Team's Fallen"
Legacy: Shadowkeep
Investigate the strange Hive behavior near the Scarlet Keep.
Part of Quest "Legacy: Shadowkeep"
Memory of Eriana-3
Search beneath the surface of the Moon to reclaim treasure from Hive Lunar Scavengers or Fallen Lunar Scavengers.
Part of Quest "Memory of Eriana-3"
Memory of Omar Agah
Defeat a powerful Hive Wizard with any Super ability.
Part of Quest "Memory of Omar Agah"
Memory of Sai Mota
Complete the "Lunar Spelunker" bounty to earn a Firewall Data Fragment. Use the fragment to access the system core vault in t...
Part of Quest "Memory of Sai Mota"
Memory of Toland, the Shattered
On the Moon, search the Hellmouth, Archer's Line, and Anchor of Light for a Hive Trove Guardian obscuring a hidden path.
Part of Quest "Memory of Toland, the Shattered"
Memory of Vell Tarlowe
Complete the currently active replayable story mission on the Moon.
Part of Quest "Memory of Vell Tarlowe"
Misplaced Trust
Find a dead Ghost in the Hellmouth.
Part of Quest "Misplaced Trust"
The Deepening Wake
Travel to Sorrow's Harbor on the Moon and investigate the Hive rituals taking place there.
At the Altars of Sorrow, open a T...
Part of Quest "The Deepening Wake"
The Greatest Sacrifice
Find a dead Ghost in the Gatehouse.
Part of Quest "The Greatest Sacrifice"
Together Forever
Find a dead Ghost in the Circle of Bones.
Part of Quest "Together Forever"