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Adept Accuracy
+10 Accuracy
Adept Big Ones Spec
Deals extra damage against powerful combatants, bosses, and vehicles.
Adept Blast Radius
+10 Blast Radius
Adept Charge Time
+10 Charge Time
Adept Counterbalance
Greatly improves recoil direction at the cost of range.
Adept Draw Time
+10 Draw Time
Adept Handling
+10 Handling
Adept Icarus Grip
Moderately increases airborne effectiveness. Slightly increases handling.
Adept Impact
+10 Impact
Adept Mag
Greatly increases magazine at the cost of handling.
Adept Projectile Speed
+10 Projectile Speed
Adept Range
+10 Range
Adept Reload
+10 Reload
Adept Stability
+10 Stability
Adept Targeting
Greatly increases target acquisition at the cost of stability.
Backup Mag
Increases magazine.
Boss Spec
Increases damage against bosses and vehicles.
Counterbalance Stock
Reduces recoil deviation for the weapon.
Extract Pattern
Obtain Weapon Pattern progress from this weapon.
Can only be performed once per weapon, but leaves the weapon intact.
Freehand Grip
Increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the hip.
Full Auto Retrofit
Holding down the trigger will fire this weapon at full auto.
Icarus Grip
Moderately increases airborne effectiveness.
Major Spec
Deals extra damage against powerful enemies.
Minor Spec
Deals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies.
Quick Access Sling
Increases this weapon's ready and stow speed.
Radar Booster
Slightly increases the range at which radar detects enemies.
Radar Tuner
Radar immediately returns when you stop aiming down sights.
Sprint Grip
Temporarily increases the weapon's ready speed and aim down sights speed after sprinting.
Sweaty Confetti
Causes a festive celebration on each precision final blow.
This cosmetic mod is consumed when inserted into a weapon.
Taken Spec
Increased damage against Taken enemies.
Targeting Adjuster
This weapon gains better target acquisition.
Empty Mod Socket
No mod currently selected.
Empty Mod Socket
No mod currently selected.
Random Damage Type
This item will have a randomly assigned damage type: Arc, Solar, or Void.
Random Masterwork
When acquired, will contain one of several possible Masterwork types.
Random Perks: This item cannot be reacquired from Collections.