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Legendär / Eigenschaft

Zerstörst du einen Feindschild mit dieser Waffe, sind sie für kurze Zeit anfällig für Kinetikschaden.


Disruption Break

Disruption Break

Breaking an enemy's shield with this weapon makes them more vulnerable to Kinetic damage for a brief period.
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I love to pair this with weapons like mountaintop, threat level, and especially witherhoard. The addition of witherhoard’s passive damage makes this perk extremely useable
Absolutely phenomenal perk that is really underrated. Not only is it more interesting than typical damage perks, it's also extremely effective and a great addition to really any weapon that rolls it. Personal favorites with this perk include Every Waking Moment with Genesis, Zealot's Reward with Shield Disorient, MOS Epoch with Genesis, and Jian 7 with Dragonfly (Dragonfly damage also activates Disruption Break)
It stacks with trenchbarrel!!
Increases damage to the mob by 50% for 5 seconds from all kinetic sources. Great for stomping bosses and majors in teams
mazing perk, but with the current Artifact mods, I'd really love to see more weapons that can roll with it. Anti-barrier weapons are currently bows, scouts, and pulses. We only have 1 anti-barrier weapon (as of season 9) on the list of random rolls, which is Calusea Noblesse. It randomly drops from the CoS raid and not very often. Still, it's an amazing perk with that 50% extra kinetic damage.
Actually the best perk in the game now
it used to be really good because it would work on Barrier Champs but then bungie removed it. its only really good for pvp and some niche applications like bosses with shield that you can break.
  "displayProperties": {
    "description": "Zerstörst du einen Feindschild mit dieser Waffe, sind sie für kurze Zeit anfällig für Kinetikschaden.",
    "name": "Störfaktor",
    "icon": "/common/destiny2_content/icons/5b83b3c3fc474c9716e54b4dfe4a862b.png",
    "iconSequences": [
        "frames": [
        "frames": [
    "hasIcon": true
  "tooltipNotifications": [],
  "backgroundColor": {
    "colorHash": 0,
    "red": 0,
    "green": 0,
    "blue": 0,
    "alpha": 0
  "itemTypeDisplayName": "Eigenschaft",
  "flavorText": "",
  "uiItemDisplayStyle": "",
  "itemTypeAndTierDisplayName": "Eigenschaft (Legendär)",
  "displaySource": "",
  "action": {
    "verbName": "Zerlegen",
    "verbDescription": "",
    "isPositive": false,
    "requiredCooldownSeconds": 0,
    "requiredItems": [],
    "progressionRewards": [],
    "actionTypeLabel": "shard",
    "rewardSheetHash": 0,
    "rewardItemHash": 0,
    "rewardSiteHash": 0,
    "requiredCooldownHash": 0,
    "deleteOnAction": true,
    "consumeEntireStack": false,
    "useOnAcquire": false
  "inventory": {
    "maxStackSize": 1,
    "bucketTypeHash": 1469714392,
    "recoveryBucketTypeHash": 215593132,
    "tierTypeHash": 4008398120,
    "isInstanceItem": false,
    "nonTransferrableOriginal": false,
    "tierTypeName": "Legendär",
    "tierType": 5,
    "expirationTooltip": "",
    "expiredInActivityMessage": "",
    "expiredInOrbitMessage": "",
    "suppressExpirationWhenObjectivesComplete": true
  "plug": {
    "insertionRules": [],
    "plugCategoryIdentifier": "frames",
    "plugCategoryHash": 7906839,
    "onActionRecreateSelf": false,
    "actionRewardSiteHash": 0,
    "actionRewardItemOverrideHash": 0,
    "insertionMaterialRequirementHash": 0,
    "previewItemOverrideHash": 0,
    "enabledMaterialRequirementHash": 0,
    "enabledRules": [],
    "uiPlugLabel": "",
    "plugStyle": 0,
    "plugAvailability": 0,
    "alternateUiPlugLabel": "",
    "alternatePlugStyle": 0,
    "isDummyPlug": false,
    "applyStatsToSocketOwnerItem": false
  "acquireRewardSiteHash": 0,
  "acquireUnlockHash": 0,
  "investmentStats": [],
  "perks": [
      "requirementDisplayString": "",
      "perkHash": 2161792065,
      "perkVisibility": 0
  "summaryItemHash": 3520001075,
  "allowActions": true,
  "doesPostmasterPullHaveSideEffects": false,
  "nonTransferrable": true,
  "itemCategoryHashes": [
  "specialItemType": 0,
  "itemType": 19,
  "itemSubType": 0,
  "classType": 3,
  "breakerType": 0,
  "equippable": false,
  "defaultDamageType": 0,
  "isWrapper": false,
  "hash": 1683379515,
  "index": 6917,
  "redacted": false,
  "blacklisted": false