Excepcional / Intrinsic

Al deslizarse con toda la energía de habilidad de clase, obtienes un escudo frontal que desvía el daño entrante. Después de desviar daño, gasta una cantidad de energía de habilidad de clase que depende del daño desviado.

Community Research

Upon sliding after sprinting for at least 1.5 seconds with your Class Ability fully charged:
Projects a 180° frontal shield that reflects all incoming projectiles for 0.45 seconds.

Reflected projectiles deal 50% increased damage.

After shield deactivation, 2% Class Ability energy is drained for every point of damage reflected.

Currently partially bugged and does not drain Class Ability Energy for projectiles reflected at the end of your slide.
Last Updated 2023-10-20


Reflective Vents

Reflective Vents

Sliding reflects projectiles.
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