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Infligir daño prolongado otorga daño adicional contra vehículos y construcciones y devuelve munición. El daño con munición principal o contra construcciones otorga progreso adicional.

Las construcciones incluyen barricadas, torretas, cristales de estasis y otros objetos que se crean en el campo de batalla.

Community Research

Upon scoring multiple hits within 6 seconds of each:
• Refills 10% of the Magazine (rounded up) from thin air. Can be reactivated without a cooldown. Cannot load the Magazine beyond its base capacity.
• Grants 40% increased damage against Constructs and Vehicles for 5 seconds. Additional hits refresh the buff duration.

Number of Hits Required:
• If Magazine Size is 1: 3 Hits
• Otherwise: 2 + 50% (25% on Primary Weapons) of Base Magazine Capacity rounded down

Hits against Constructs and Vehicles provide 1.5x activation progress for Primary weapons and 2x progress for Special weapons.

Pellet Shotguns, Rocket-Assisted Sidearms, and non-Wave Frame Grenade Launchers can trigger the perk twice on initial activations (when the buff isn't active). Note: please don't ask about the specifics of this.

Wave Frame Grenade Launchers:
• Direct Impacts count as 2 Hits
• Doesn't receive bonus activation progress against Constructs and Vehicles

Pellet Shotguns:
• Runs into network-related issues for triggering the perk and granting ammo on non-construct hits
• Only needs one pellet to hit per shot, they aren't considered separate Hits for the purpose of the perk
• Activation progress granted by each shot scales with distance: point-blank shots follow the standard formula but as few as 2 shots can trigger the perk on more distant targets
Last Updated 2024-04-23
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