Ordinaire / Enhanced Trait

Lorsque cette arme reste sur une cible, ses dégâts augmentent encore plus.

Community Research

Successive Hits within 0.2 seconds of each grant a ramping Damage Buff after scoring 12.5% of the Magazine Capacity as hits (20% on SMGs). Missing deactivates the buff.

Stacks displayed on-screen are only visual aides, the buff ramps up with each shot once active. Reaches maximum strength at 5 Stacks.

% of the Magazine Capacity as Hits required for each Visual Stack: 12.5%|35.5%|54.5%|74.5%|110.33%

All thresholds are increased by 60% for Submachine Guns, initially triggering at 20% and maxing out at 176.53%.

Damage Buff ramps up from 🡅 18.82% [PVP: 12.55%] to 🡅 45% [PVP: 30%] upon reaching maximum strength.

Assuming no missed shots, it provides roughly a 🡅 28.13% [PVP: 19.02%] Damage Buff on average after firing 100% of the Magazine.

🡅 Damage Buff is increased by 12.5% [PVP: 20%] .
Last Updated 2023-02-12
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