Comune / Enhanced Trait

Colpire un bersaglio con quasi tutti i pallettoni di un colpo aumenta i danni del corpo a corpo per breve tempo.

Community Research

Increases Melee Damage by 100% for 1.22 seconds after hitting a target with 🡅 10 of the 12 Shotgun Pellets in the spread.

Against Bosses and Vehicles , this is increased to 150% for the following melee options:
All Unpowered Melees, Combination Blow, Disorienting Blow, Chain Lightning, and Grapple Melee

The following options do not benefit from the perk:
• Hunters: Proximity Explosive Knife's and Snare Bomb's detonations, Tempest Strike, Withering Blade, Threaded Spike
• Titans: Throwing Hammer, Consecration, Thunderclap, Shield Throw, Flechette Storm
• Warlocks: all abilities except Chain Lightning

The buff does not stack with the passive Melee Damage Increase against Frozen non-Boss targets. The higher buff of the two takes precedence.

This means that with the exception of Shiver Strike and Howl of the Storm in PVE where the perk's buff is always higher, it will only provide a benefit over Freeze's buff when used against Bosses and Vehicles.

🡅 Requires 2 fewer Shotgun Pellets to activate.


One-Two Punch

One-Two Punch

Hitting an enemy with every pellet in a shot increases melee damage for a short duration.
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