Exotic / Hunter / Arms / Gauntlets

"Galanor is beyond my skill to repair."
"…I can work with this."

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Shards of Galanor
Added in Season 8

Exotic Perks

Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges

Throwing Knife final blows decrease the cooldown of your Super. Hits and final blows with Blade Barrage will return Super energy after the Super ends.
Mobility Enhancement Mod

Mobility Enhancement Mod

Increased mobility.


Mobility 10
Resilience 10

Curated Roll

Not all curated rolls actually drop in-game. Learn more

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Shards of Galanor

"Galanor is beyond my skill to repair." "…I can work with this."

The Sword of Galanor: A Selected Bibliography

"The Blade of Cutting Flame," The Folktales of Mars, ed. Hoell Gar.

"…and in the center of the pool was a creature of bronze and rust, with the head of a lizard and the body of a Human. Rust had fixed it in a position of supplication, with Galanor upon its upraised palms…"

"The Alliterative Galanor," Engram Orion 23.3.6.

"…beneath the weeping way he waded/ face full of fire and fleeting fever/ as he gazed upon the gleaming Galanor…"

A Theory of Golden Age Supermetals. Vivian Weyland.

"…a means of printing sheets of carbon fiber threaded with veins of superhot liquid metal, resulting in a heat-conductive material that is still highly durable. Though its existence is generally accepted, the means by which it can be created or repaired are still lost to us…"

"Analysis of Venusian Salvage Dindrane-43-59," Cryptarch Yareli.

"…an experimental satellite probe capable of entering the upper mantle of yellow stars, called Galaxy North, or known by the abbreviation GalaNor…"

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