Exotic / Intrinsic

Rifts periodically release Arc shockwaves. Final blows with these shockwaves create an Arc explosion. While an Arc Super is equipped, the shockwaves and subsequent explosions blind nearby targets. Rift energy recharges faster when you are surrounded by targets.

Community Research

Increases Class Ability Regeneration Rate while at least 3 enemies are within 15 meters.

Additional Base Class Ability Regeneration Rate with:
• 3 Enemies: 250%
• 4 Enemies: 666%
• 5 Enemies: 1085%
• 6+ Enemies: 1500%

1 second after casting a Rift:
The Rift releases an Arc Shockwave that deals 300 [PVP: 100] damage and knocks back enemies in a 7.5 meter radius.

Rifts also emit additional Arc Shockwaves every 5 seconds, dealing 200 [PVP: 70] damage to enemies within ? meters.

Enemies killed by Shockwaves explode, dealing 100 damage (and Blinding nearby targets if you have an Arc Super Ability equipped).
Last Updated 2024-06-04


Planetary Torrent

Planetary Torrent

Rift periodically releases an Arc shockwave.
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