Exotic / Intrinsic

Melee hits grant Armor Charge, and you take less melee damage while you have Armor Charge. Taking melee damage causes you to emit a burst of damaging Arc energy that Jolts targets, consuming your Armor Charge and dealing more damage based on the number of stacks consumed.

Community Research

Melee Hits grant 1 Stack of Armor Charge. (Each damage instance is counted separately)

Having active Armor Charges grants Melee Damage Resistance. Receiving a Melee Attack consumes all Armor Charges and emits a Jolting Arc Burst in a ? meter radius.

Benefits with 1|2|…|6 Armor Charges:
• Arc Burst Damage: 90|130|170|200|225|245
• Melee Damage Resistance: 23.3% | 46.7% | 70% | 73.3% | 76.7% | 80%
Last Updated 2024-03-01


Fury Conductors

Fury Conductors

Melee hits grant Armor Charge and store explosive Arc energy.
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