Exotic / Hunter / Legs / Leg Armor

"I love making people laugh. And by 'people,' I mean me. Haha!" "Haha! Me!"

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Gemini Jester
Added in Season 2

Exotic Perks



Dodging disorients nearby enemies and temporarily removes their radar.

Community Research

Class Ability Usage applies Misdirection to enemies within 22 meters.

• Deals ~0 damage but counts as a Hit
• PVE: Disorients Minors and Elites for 5 seconds
• PVP: briefly distorts audio, Disorients, and disables Radar for 5 seconds
Last Updated 2024-05-15

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Gemini Jester

"I love making people laugh. And by 'people,' I mean me. Haha!" "Haha! Me!"

He quietly giggled as he stood blocking my exit, almost as if to taunt me. I start to push my way past but the blasted fool pulls hard on my ear, swiftly takes a step back, and presents his rump in a jesting dance. Not willing to get pulled into his game, I ignore his blatant attempts at a farce and continue forward. Abrupt shrills of frenzied laughter break out as I feel the full force of his boot on my backside. I cannot ignore his flagrant mockery. I reel around, take hold of his collar and clock him full force. Behind me, in the distance, I hear hysterical laughter. Confused, I whirl my head back to see a jaunty man skipping off. I look back at my hands to find them empty. That jester has taken me for a fool.

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