Legendary / Hunter / Chest / Chest Armor

Complete the "Leviathan" raid on Prestige difficulty.


Solstice Vest (Resplendent)

Adrift in a blazing sea, heroes become memories.

He was floating just about one meter off a comms satellite. I know, 'cause I was talking to him. Not in person—I was manning about 30 weather drones, so I had this array of camera views and readouts. I see him drifting there, drill in hand, by an open panel.

This was a Guardian, with a capital G. I mean, it makes me laugh now. I was thinking, I've seen that guy win ten in a row in the Crucible. Why is he fixing a satellite?

He told me, all casual, that the comms had been acting up, and he was saving the regular maintenance crew a trip into orbit in the middle of a storm. I even asked myself at the time, wow, do Guardians do that?

Anyway, I came to find out, the second the sensors beyond the Wall started going dark, he'd suspected sabotage. Came straight to investigate. He didn't want to freak me out.

He was one of the first that we lost during the invasion. The screen just filled with orange and white. Gone.

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