Exotic / Intrinsic

Generates an additional Orb of Power from Supers and a healing pulse when Barricade is activated.

Community Research

Casting your Barricade restores 80 Health and 75 Shield HP to you as well as allies within 12 meters as long as they have line of sight to you.

Super Abilities generate an extra Orb of Power that grants 7.14% Super Energy (regular Super Orb).

Specific Interactions:
• Roaming Supers generate an Orb with the first Kill instead of needing at least 2 Kills for that
• Ward of Dawn generates 4 Orbs with each granting 3.57% Super Energy (up from 3 Orbs granting 2.3% each for a ~2x increase)
Last Updated 2024-04-03


Survival Well

Survival Well

More Orbs from Supers. Casting Barricade heals.
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