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Exotic / Hunter / Legs / Leg Armor

Built for swift movement, they provide unexpected and decisive social benefits.

Source: Solo Legend and Master Lost Sectors

Exotic Perks

The Dance

The Dance

Activating your dodge ability while near targets allows you to dodge additional times for a short period.

Community Research

While within 15 meters of an enemy: Multi-Dodge Ready appears on the Buff list.

After Dodging within 15 meters of an Enemy:
Unlimited Dodges for 6 seconds.
Can dodge up to 6 times per activation.

Multi-Dodge Dodges are unaffected by Mods that activate on Class Ability Use, alongside Winter's Shroud.

Effect immediately ends if you are over 15 meters away from an Enemy while Multi-Dodge is active.
Last Updated 2022-04-24

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Radiant Dance Machines

Built for swift movement, they provide unexpected and decisive social benefits.

Quick-minded Ylaia allows herself to be swept along in the plane's pulsing surge of energy.

In the space around her, Xivu Arath's Hive growl and click, tearing at the layered magics with their teeth. They can feel she is close.

She trails her fingers through the energies, making a broad ripple as she pulls toward a place she found before, when she was groping blindly for a way home.


She twists in the stream and lets herself become known. Relief colors the air around her, promising the Dreaming City, Savathûn held still in stone, vulnerable for the first time in untold billions of years.

The Hive shriek in triumph, shimmering into focus as they converge on her plane.

Ylaia wraps herself in the whisper of a spell and pushes out of the Ley Line. The roaring Hive surge hungrily out of the rupture behind her… and tumble into nothing.

Dangling from a ribbon of runes, Ylaia watches their long fall onto the distant black stone of a forgotten place. The spell cuts into her hand as she pulls herself back into the stream.

She wraps the plane around herself once more, clears her mind, and waits.

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