Exotic / Hunter / Legs / Leg Armor

Never, ever, look back.

Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

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Orpheus Rig
Added in Season 1

Exotic Perks

Uncanny Arrows

Uncanny Arrows

Provides ability energy for each target tethered by Deadfall anchors. Moebius Quiver has an additional shot.

Community Research

Deadfall returns Ability Energy per Enemy Tethered:
• X% Super Energy up to the maximum of 50%
• 10% Grenade, Melee, and Class Ability Energy

Moebius Quiver can fire an additional volley per Super Activation.
Last Updated 2023-07-13

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Orpheus Rig

Never ever look back.

Quantis Rhee has almost forgotten what colors are. For months, she has prowled the deep, shadowed catacombs of Nessus—the places where the inexorable Vex burrowed into the rogue planet and replaced natural life with a cold, inhuman labyrinth.

Light is scarce in this place. But Quantis knows how to find it—how to feel for the un-ripples of the Void, to draw Light from the infinities between spaces. She knows how to roll black holes between her fingertips, and how to nock her bow with the inescapable gravities of the universe.

Soon Quantis will leave this place, return to the City, report her findings. See colors again. But that won't last long. She is a Nightstalker. Out here—balanced upon the infinitesimal knife's edge—is where she truly belongs.

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